Allocations and Committees - details, schedules and terms of reference etc

The council allocates councillors to smaller committees dealing with specific subjects or geographical areas eg Planning, Finance, Coldred etc. Finance and Planning committees sit on a regular basis usually before or after Parish Council meetings. Other committees meet when needed.

Residents can register for automated notifications for new applications close to where you live or work and receive automatic updates on current applications. For example, you can register to receive an email alert of a new planning application within 50m of your house.

Residents can view all Planning Applications which are made to Dover District Council and see where the application is on a map. Documents and Plans of any development may be viewed and commented upon electronically. Click here to go to the Dover Council website to register for updates.
Dover Council also publish some guidance notes on ‘Using Public Access for Planning’ which you can read here

Terms of reference

Click here to read the Planning Committee Terms of Reference

Committee membership and allocations

Click here to find out which councillors serve on specific committees and allocations