Coxhill Road Closure – amended plan

The Parish Council has received the following correspondence from W W Martin regarding the proposed closure of a road as part of the Coxhill development

Following internal conversations this week regarding the road closure we have re-scheduled our works into 2 phases as shown on the attached. We have planned works so that access to the Village Hall, Nursery & Nail Bar along with the 2 properties that are accessed via the Village Hall entrance road will have 24hr access throughout the duration of the works. The works listed below are what we are having to undertake within this short time frame. Obviously, the dates shown are indicative and may be subject to change slightly, but overall time scale will not change unless any unknowns are encountered. The list below is in no particular order just an aid memoir to what has to be completed.

  • Ground Penetrating Radar Survey
  • New approved foul drainage connection
  • Widening of the highway adjacent the new development
  • Installation of new kerb line to form the visibility splays
  • Re-location of 2 number open reach telegraph poles
  • Replacement of UKPN pole outside number 7 Whittington terrace
  • Resurfacing of the road surface outside of site entrance and to a point defined by highways 278 works
  • Road markings etc at the site entrance
  • Installation of 2 number new road layout signs (these will only be in place for 6 months)
  • Utility services crossover (Gas , water & electric)


As shown on the plan we will not be able to allow KCC access within our road closure for the cleaning and resolution to the flooding issue that occurs outside numbers 12 & 13 Whittington Terrace so there will be another road closure at some point determined by KCC . we had hoped to allow access but as we are now having to split our works this will not be possible.

Derek Amas MCIOB

Senior Site Manager