Please can I ask all villagers not to put their rubbish in our clinical waste bins at Shepherdswell.

These bins are for sharps boxes, dressings etc (all forms of clinical waste) but we have discovered that quite substantial parts of a Peugeot car, plus pieces of cardboard & other waste, have been dumped in there. This means that the clinical waste bin will not be emptied by our waste collectors & also means that a staff member will need to pull out all of the rubbish in order to see what clinical waste is at the bottom. The weight of the car parts may well have cracked any sharps bins in there, meaning there is a risk of injury to staff & the waste collectors.

I’m sure you will appreciate how frustrating this is for us and understand that this results in inappropriate use of NHS funds, as we now have to pay for a tip run to get rid of someone else’s rubbish.

On a happier note, the renovations at Shepherdswell are almost complete & we are planning to throw open the doors as from Monday 14th February! I haven’t updated the website yet, as the last of the work is being completed today, so I just want to ensure there are no setbacks, as we’ve had a few!

Our nursing team are going over next week to get all the clinical rooms back to being fully functioning & we will then have the building deep cleaned, ready for the 14th.

TIna Byrne, Practice Manager, White Cliff Medical Centre